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in organic vegetables and fruit

We are Bioworld. Your partner in organic vegetables and fruit. We have one goal: suppling the world with the best organic vegetables and fruit. Based on our belief on what is good for the consumer, retailer, grower and society. With locations in The Netherlands, Spain and Germany, we supply the best quality year round.

  • Supplier of a total range of organic vegetables and fruit
  • Locations in The Netherlands, Spain and Germany
  • Your partner from supplier to store
  • More than 10 years of experience

Driven by
needs and our

Tasty and nutritious food, grown and harvested like nature want it. That’s the starting point. For 10 years, Bioworld has been able to combine origin and provenance with a head start position. With the aim of delivering good food and to help retailers to strengthen their positions. In addition to this, we know that you need to do more than a good year-round assortment. Retailers wants partners who knows where to find the best growers and are able to inspire them with knowledge and concepts.


we grow

We need to work together to realize more added value. With clients, growers, employees and other partners in the chain. With a relationship based on inspiration, energy and a strong human dimension. Bioworld is constantly looking for the best clients and partners, all around the world. To make a completely new step or to improve existing situations. That is why we like to get in touch with you! Let’s meet and see if we can grow together.
Today and tomorrow.