How it
all started

Around 2008, Bioworld made its first real steps in the world of organic vegetables and fruit. At that time it was really pioneering. We kept building our knowledge and skills, causing us to find our way in the organic world better and better. Chain control and the range of organic products kept increasing as well, which allowed us to continue to grow.

are we

Now, more than 10 years later a lot has changed. Meanwhile Bioworld has several offices and cultivation areas in Germany, Spain and The Netherlands. We have several affiliated growers and we can guarantee the important organic certificates.

Bioworld is still part of Best Fresh and has the best of both worlds. The expertise of a specialist and the strength and versatile services of a large organization. Bioworld is capable of supplying the best organic vegetables and fruit all year round.


Where are we
heading to

Delicious and nutritious vegetables that are grown and harvested in a natural way are getting more and more important to all of us. In the future, Bioworld will continue to maintain the natural principles of organic cultivation and a sustainable footprint, but also has the courage to innovate. With a strong focus on human interaction and a clear belief on what is good for the entire chain. Today and tomorrow.


Shall we grow together?