Keymarkets and


One of the key markets of Bioworld is the food retail. For this market we have knowledge, concepts and assortments to let the category grow and to strengthen the formula.


We see that the demand for organic vegetables and fruit is increasing. We are your partner for fresh organic vegetables.


We know the value of wholesale very good, given the fact that there is where part of our roots are.We still supply wholesalers with a nice organic assortment with suitable packaging.

The best service and

Besides our wide variety of high quality organic products, we also offer service and knowledge. After all, we are leading in the category of organic vegetables and fruit. We are happy to tell you the latest developments within the organic market and think along with you about the development of your shelf and assortment. In addition, we offer many solutions when it comes to packaging and transport.

Bioworld has its own QESH department. They have all the knowledge about certificates. You can find all our certificates in the ‘Assortment’ section of this website.


Strongly rooted
with sourcing

It all starts with sourcing. That is why Bioworld has built up several strong relationships with good and reliable suppliers over the past years. That is how we can guarantee the best quality. We know exactly who the growers are and how they grow. In addition we have a number of growers affiliated to us, what makes us flexible in supply and allows us to supply a large part of our assortment all year round. For the steps further down the chain we also have preferred partners that fit in with our philosophy.


Shall we grow together?